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Neutrinos Knocking Out Neutrons: The ANNIE Experiment

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The Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE) will use a gadolinium-loaded water Cherenkov neutrino detector to study neutrino-nucleus interactions in the Booster Neutrino Beam at Fermilab. An improved understanding of these interactions will be an important requirement for the success of a number of next-generation fundamental physics measurements, including searches for CP violation in the lepton sector, the detection of the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background, and the possible discovery of baryon-number violating processes like proton decay. Despite general progress in the field in recent years, the production of final-state nucleons in neutrino-nucleus scattering remains poorly understood. While the precise tracking capabilities of liquid argon time projection chambers are beginning to provide experimental constraints on neutrino-induced proton emission, ANNIE will open a complementary window into this problem by providing a measurement of neutron yields from charged current neutrino interactions in water as a function of the outgoing lepton kinematics. To accomplish this primary physics goal, ANNIE will make pioneering use of Large Area Picosecond Photodetectors (LAPPDs) for event reconstruction, establishing this recently-developed technology as a new tool for high energy physics experiments. Phase I of ANNIE successfully completed data taking in 2017. During this phase we characterized beam-correlated neutron backgrounds in the detector and confirmed that they are sufficiently low for the Phase II physics measurements. Data taking for this phase is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2019. After reviewing some of the motivations for the neutron yield measurement, this talk will present results from ANNIE Phase I, report on the Phase II commissioning effort currently underway, and describe future plans for the experiment.
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