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Neutrino Seminar Series: GiBUU – A Theory and Method for Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions

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The extraction of neutrino mixing parameters and the CP-violating phase requires knowledge of the neutrino energy. This energy must be reconstructed from the final state of a neutrino-nucleus reaction since all long-baseline experiments use nuclear targets. This reconstruction requires detailed knowledge of the neutrino reactions with bound nucleons and of the final state interactions of hadrons with the nuclear environment. Quantum-kinetic transport theory has been used to build the event generator GiBUU hat has been applied to and tested for many different reactions, from heavy-ion collisions to neutrino-nucleus reactions. In this talk I will confront results of GiBUU with results from neutrino experiments and will show predictions for MicroBooNE and NOvA. Some examples are also discussed that show the effects of nuclear interactions on observables in long-baseline experiments.
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