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Neutrino Seminar Series: Detecting the Highest Energy Neutrinos with a Radio Phased Array

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Ultra-high energy neutrino astronomy sits at the boundary between
particle physics and astrophysics. Through neutrino astrophysics, we can probe the
nature of the ultra-high energy universe in a unique way and test our understanding
of particle physics at energies much greater than those achievable at particle
colliders. The best limit to date on the flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos comes
from the ANITA experiment, a balloon-borne radio telescope designed to detect
coherent radio Cherenkov emission from cosmogenic ultra-high energy neutrinos. The
fourth flight of the ANITA experiment launched in December 2016. The future of high
energy neutrino detection lies with ground-based radio arrays, which would
represent an enormous leap in sensitivity and be able to push the energy threshold
for radio detection down to overlap with the energy range probed by IceCube.
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