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Neutrino Seminar Series: State and future of dual-phase liquid argon technology

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Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers at the 10kton level are at the design and prototyping stage in the context of the DUNE experiment. Liquid Argon TPCs provide a 3D image of the neutrino interaction final state particles over a wide range of energies with efficient background rejection and good energy reconstruction.
The dual-phase liquid Argon TPC represents a novel concept for liquid argon detectors. Its main feature is the charge amplification in gas Argon, providing excellent signal to noise ratio and enabling the construction of a fully homogenous giant LAr-TPCs with tunable gain. Large Electron Multipliers (LEM) provide amplification of the charges before the collection at the anode with strip readout.
An intensive R&D effort following a staged approach is on-going towards the realization of the 10kton dual-phase DUNE Far Detector: a dual-phase LAr-TPC with an active volume of 3x1x1m3 will soon be tested at CERN with cosmic rays, followed in the next years by the operation of the 6x6x6 m3 dual-phase protoDUNE detector in a charged beam.
The dual-phase LAr-TPC concept will be described and the status of the prototyping effort will be reported.
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